Quixote Goes

An Introduction

Is that a 4 armed giant I see up ahead?!? I’ve finally bitten the bullet and started a blog. I think this makes me splash number 233,658,092 in the proverbial sea of bloggers. I won’t bother with how I intend to be unique or notably different – because let’s be honest – I probably won’t. Quixote Goes is going to be a travel-centric blog in which I cover not only my travels, but also hopefully helpful hints, tips, and allegations to help my dear readers in their endeavors.

A few tidbits about me: My name is Troy and I work to live (instead of living to work) at a major US financial institution, so my blog is in no way about my workplace or any of its affiliates. I pursue several passions outside of work: I’m first and foremost a family man and I’m blessed with a lovely wife, a blended family including 4 kids ranging from elementary school to college, 2 dogs, and a pet bunny. I love soccer and I am a die hard culé so Barcelona will get a lot of travel attention. I like to play soccer, run distances from 5k to hopefully completing my first full marathon this year, and I’m a leisurely bicyclist. I am based in the United States Midwest, which allows me an affordable lifestyle to pursue my passions. Obviously, I enjoy traveling and have been through much of the United States. I have also repeatedly traveled to Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Western Europe. Finally, I love to read, which brings me to the blog title: Quixote Goes.

As those familiar Cervantes’ works, Don Quixote was a gentlemen who had a decent, comfortable home, but was drawn to leave for periods of time in order to pursue adventures as a knight errant. With best intentions, Quixote was sometimes delusional in how he saw the world, which inadvertently produced his adventures. Like Quixote, I have felt the pangs of my own folly during my travels and I hope to share not only the humor in it but hopefully some lessons learned that will help others avoid my mistakes. But I’m not always errant. Sometimes I come across a really incredible place, travel technology, activity, or people and I’d like to share those experiences as well.

Coming soon

A significant portion of my family and I just got back from Europe and I wrote a travelogue during my trip. I’ll be posting some fun stories from that trip here. In addition, my wife and I have just decided on a Canadian road trip for later in July so I’ll be posting about the planning process as well as some fun pictures and posts from the trip. My wife and I also travel for some of our “races.” While we aren’t really competitive enough to say we’re racing, we still participate in the odd 5k, half-marathon, and as I hinted to above a full marathon in Chicago later this year.
I’m looking forward to this. Hopefully it produces more than the occasional rueful countenance.
– Troy